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Volume 11, Issue 1 (2016)

cocron: A Web Interface and R Package for the Statistical Comparison of Cronbach's Alpha Coefficients
Birk Diedenhofen & Jochen Musch
University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Abstract: To compare two or more measures with regard to their internal consistency reliability, Cronbach's alpha coefficients are usually computed for each measure. For a valid comparison between Cronbach's alpha coefficients, substantive differences need to be distinguished from circumstantial differences that occur due to chance. Unfortunately, however, popular statistics packages lack the ability to test for statistically significant differences between alpha coefficients. To remedy this problem, we present cocron, a platform-independent R package that provides functions to conduct significance tests for the comparison of two or more Cronbach's alpha coefficients for both dependent and independent groups of participants. The cocron package is part of the R statistical computing environment and is thus available for scripting. In addition, two graphical user interfaces – a web interface and a plugin for RKWard - are offered to provide comfortable access to the functionality of cocron.

Keywords: Cronbach's alpha, reliability, statistical test, significance, web interface, R

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